Smoking Cannabis

Globally, the most common method of using cannabis is to smoke it. Smoking can be a highly effective way of getting any drug into the body. THC passes readily through the outer membrane of the pulmonary capillaries in the lungs and then into the bloodstream and thus to the central nervous system.

Cannabis can be smoked in a number of different ways, but, whatever way is chosen, there are several practical problems for the user to overcome. First, herbal cannabis is often dry and short stranded, unlike tobacco which is moist and bongs long stranded. It does not cling together in the way tobacco does and is therefore not an easy substance to make into cigarettes. Second, it burns at a higher temperature than tobacco, and if the user does not take some measures to deal with that degree of extra heat then it can burn the lips, tongue and throat. Third, the average street sample of cannabis contains a higher amount of tar than commercially available tobacco cigarettes.’.

Cannabis smoking involves inhaling vapors released by heating the flowers and subtending leaves and stems of the Cannabis plants, known as marijuana. Alternatively, the cannabis plant flowers may be finely sifted producing kief, a powder especially rich in the oil-glands or trichomes which contain high amounts of cannabinoids, pressed to form hashish which can be smoked. Cannabis is consumed recreationally to produce a feeling of relaxation or euphoria, medically (such as to relieve stress or suppress nausea), or inspirationally by inventors and artists in pursuit of creativity. Learn more at wiki.


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